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Counseling in the Greenwood, IN area

You are a go-getter with a great work ethic. When somebody wants something done they come to you. You are the go-to person for the job that needs done well.  You will not leave until the job is done "right".  After all, people are depending on you.  You aim to be your best all of the time with perfection as your goal (even though you know better than to say that so you say you are striving for excellence).  If you are in executive leadership, you know that it is necessary to be on like the White House Press Secretary. You challenge or stretch yourself to do more; to be more and you are very competitive. You have made great strides in the success of your career. You have won award after award, received promotion after promotion, and have the good living to show for it. Maybe a standard of living is yours that allows you to provide for your family, go on some fabulous vacations and have things done around your home.  Your children enjoy those things that are most sought after by others and you may have even managed to secure funding for their tutors, private sports coach, and college. So, where is this nagging, empty feeling coming from? You can't believe it. You should be happy, right!? You don't have a finger on the pulse on this one and it is "scraping your skull" because you are use to being able to successfully seek out and find the answers you need.  In spite of these burgeoning thoughts and  feelings, you push on like the good trooper you are and then one day it happens. You are walking out to your car and you suddenly feel nauseated, clammy, like you are going to vomit, and light-headed. You think you are having a stroke or struggling with a blood sugar imbalance but after an exam by your doctor, that is not the case.

Or, if this is not you. Maybe one day you wake up, looking at the ceiling, and instead of jumping up to get ready you just lay there.  It feels like you are a body of steel or iron and you can not make yourself move. You know you need to, you know you should but you can't and a tear rolls down the side of your face as you seriously contemplate what is happening. You know you should care about going in to work today as you know you have others depending on you who need you desperately, but you don't. And, as much as you would like to be able to, motivation has been replaced with an empty void. There is no more water in the well. You have no feelings about the issue and become numb; going through the motions but not with any real heart or drive. 

 Your fear is that an entire way of living your life is at stake and all that is riding on it.

Are you struggling with burnout, depression, panic and anxiety or other life stresses that come with a major lifestyle change.  On top of those changes do you find yourself the primary caretaker for aging parents, have adult children at home, or maybe you are the only parent of children in your household. Is it difficult to find time in your schedule to get to the doctor for a check up, the dentist? Are you feeling pulled in multiple directions. Well, you are not alone. Thousands of people each year struggle with these same life events.  I know it may feel like it. I know it hurts deeply but please know that alone is not where you are. Many have been there done that and have come out on the other side happier, wiser, and mightier. Their visions broadened, understanding deepened and confidence stronger than they have ever experienced.  They have found ways to renew themselves in their career of choice or have found a new career that brings them a joy they have not known. As a coach and mentor, I will help you navigate your way through these life changes with some simple strategies. My practical, brief, client-centered and solution-focused way of working with you often results in improvements within a reasonable time frame. If more personal attention is required, the counseling time frame can be extended (if you are not under the constraints of insurance). 

In my practice, I work to help thoughtful, reflective people like you move forward with renewed purpose and confidence while serving as a consultant, guide, and mentor. Sometimes we all just need someone in our lives who will listen to us without judgment; who can get what we are saying and shine a light on our path in a way that helps us get back on track. That is my aim in the work that I do with direction, guidance and leadership.

Interests: Burnout, Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Stress, and the Single Parent or Primary Caregiver.

MBA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC) with a strong focus and ability to synthesize business and clinical needs.

Over 20 years experience as a specialist in behavioral health.  Available as a coach, consultant, and counselor. Walk and talk sessions available. Specialties include helping people through major life changes including burnout, divorce, widowhood, major lifestyle and socioeconomic changes, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and the single parent. Reach out to me at (317) 886-8189 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.